Printpack Corporate Social Responsibility Report

As we reflect on our progress towards a more sustainable future, we must first recognize the impacts of a global pandemic and the ripple effect that has disrupted critical supplies of our raw materials, creating shortages that persist today. Within our Printpack family, we have a strong people-oriented culture and a “can do” spirit that empowers us to face the inevitable obstacles that come our way. This has enabled us to keep our people safe and minimize disruptions to our customers. For that we are all grateful, as many people in other areas of the global economy have had their lives and livelihoods seriously impacted, and too frequently the most vulnerable are the most severely affected.

We were saddened in 2020 to announce the passing of my mother, Chairman Emeritus Gay M. Love. Her passing marked a milestone in the history of our company, as she was a founding partner with our father when Printpack started in 1956. Our focus on people, our core values and principles, and the way we think about our family business today, are all based directly on the personal values that Gay and Erskine Love shared, practiced, and demonstrated throughout their lives.

The continued rise in importance of sustainable products, processes and plant operations has driven much of our efforts over the period that this report covers. From renewable energy projects, investment in recycling infrastructure, partnerships to bring new technologies to the market, to large-scale product launches of the next generation of award-winning sustainable packaging, we are proud to share our progress in the coming

The events and challenges of the past few years helped us refocus our priorities and better articulate our fundamental Purpose: Preserving and Enhancing People’s Lives. Printpack supplies much-needed packaging that preserves food and protects the sterility of medical components. The customers whose brands we support are enhanced by the value-added capabilities we supply, and our associates can pursue meaningful careers with a company that encourages them to achieve their highest level of competence and to become full citizens in the communities in which they work and live.

As I reflect on the contents of this report, detailing our progress in the face of unprecedented business challenges, I am proud of all our people, whose efforts continue to deliver the best of Printpack.

James E. Love, III
Chairman and CEO, Printpack

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